Utonhack 2021   Clover

Clover is a blockchain platform for supporting cryptocurrencies with a complex architecture and its own ecosystem, which provides a fast and reliable service for its users. Here we are waiting for new enthusiasts who will be able to express themselves and show their skills in creating their creative and intellectual projects.


Welcome to Utonhack 2021,
the official hackathon
for the Clover blockchain! 

The Clover community is looking forward to the start of its 3rd online hackathon dedicated to allowing developers to experiment and use the Clover blockchain to create projects covering DeFi, Gamefi, digital art/collectibles and everything in between. Create or integrate an application, platform or tool on the Clover blockchain to join the


Submit your project into one of the following tracks:


Design or port blockchain-based games
or gaming platforms and more to allow players
to directly interact with p2p markets


Design DEXs, lending
platforms, and new
decentralized applications

Digital Art/NFT

Create Dapps, Tools, and platforms for NFTs creating/minting and trading that directly connect artists with their fans around the world.

Ecosystem Tools

Build tools that help stakeholders to navigate and access

the Clover blockchain. Examples include: Bridges, On-chain
data aggregation platforms, Analytical and monitoring tools, etc.


$40,000 in prizes 

The prizes will be distributed among five projects selected from the listed categories and meeting the requirements of the judges.


(MVP required)   Prototype required


  • $8000 in USDT tokens
  • Acceptance into the UTON Foundation partner program
  • Preferred application for the UTON grant program
  • Opportunity to promote the project further
  • Technical support from the Clover Development team




Register for hackathon

Register on Devpost and view the resources to start building.


Complete submission form

Include all of the required fields on your Devpost submission
form, BEFORE the final deadline on November 13, 2021.

Judging criteria

The Judges will evaluate the level of complexity and innovation,
as well as the deployment and originality.


How well does the project work?


How unique is the project idea
and execution?


Is the user experience and design of the project well thought out?


Hackathon Schedule


October 20 - December 5


December 5 - December 9

Winner Announced:

December 10